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    Click and collect, now with delivery via FREE NOW and 99RENT

    Due to the prevailing situation and a very large number of orders, we joined forces with FREE NOW and 99RENT as well as local taxi companies to simultaneously meet the challenge of providing all customers with access to the most necessary products. Thanks to this cooperation, we will be able to deliver even more orders and help you get through this difficult period. Tesco employees and FREE NOW and 99RENT drivers and other companies cooperating with Tesco will do their best to make your purchases reach you as soon as possible. Together we can do more.




    How to order shopping via taxi?



    1. When ordering Click+Collect, enter in the 'Instructions for persons placing the order' field - taxi delivery and precise delivery address. Warning! The field is visible only when placing the order - it means that you can't add or edit the information left there in the order that was previously placed.


    2. When we complete your order, we will contact you to inform you about replacements. If you don't like any of the replacements, we will remove it from the order and deduct it from the final purchase price. During the conversation, the employee will also confirm the delivery address.ostawy.


    3. We pass the completed and consulted order to the driver who delivers it to your door. When picking up the driver, you only pay for transport with the card at the door.


    In contrast, the settlement for purchases is made via online payments.




    Important information: the delivery service is provided by taxi or car rental drivers, not by Tesco. The price of the delivery service is calculated individually for each delivery as a sum of the base amount of 6PLN  and the cost of travel each kilometre from the store carrying out the order to the place of delivery in the amount of 1.90 PLN per kilometre (does not apply to Jelenia Góra). For Jelenia Góra, the price of the delivery service is based on the Tanie Taxi price list and is: up to 8 km - 30 PLN; from 8 km to 12 km - 40PLN; from 12 km to 16 km - 50 PLN; from 16km to 20 km - 60 PLN. The addresses of stores carrying out orders are available at www.ezakupy.tesco.pl and are visible when booking the delivery date Click and collect the distances indicated on the page are indicative and refer to the address to which the account is registered. By choosing the option of shopping delivery with the help of FREE NOW and 99RENT and other companies cooperating with Tesco you accept and agree that from the moment of issuing the driver's purchases they are fully responsible for your purchases and their proper delivery including delays in delivery. Taxi cars don't have the option of cooling and freezing products during transport. Tesco isn't responsible for the quality and completeness of purchases from the moment they are issued to the taxi driver.

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