Registration and My Account

    How do I know whether Tesco Twoja Paczka will deliver to my address?

    To check whether we deliver to you, go to our Check My Area page and enter your postcode.

    Do I need to have a Clubcard to register?

    No, you don´t need a Clubcard to shop online. However, if you do have a Clubcard, you can enter the number when you register to receive Clubcard points on your shopping, just like in store.

    What personal details will I need to enter to register for Tesco Twoja Paczka?

    To register you will need to enter your:

    • Email address
    • Address where you want your shopping to be delivered
    • Address nickname (this is for your reference, e.g. “home”)
    • Phone number
    • Full name
    • A password
    • Clubcard number (this is optional – you can enter this information if you want to receive Clubcard points for your shopping)

    How old do I have to be to register?

    The Service may be used solely by a natural person older than 18 years of age who agrees with the Business and Product Terms and Conditions, gives consent with its personal data processing and registers at https://ezakupy.tesco.pl/groceries/pl-PL.

    How long should my password be?

    Your password should be between 8 and 15 characters in length and can contain a mixture of letters and numbers.

    Do I have to give payment card details to register?

    No, you don’t have to give any payment details when you register. If you choose to pay online for a shop, we’ll ask you for your card details just before you confirm your order (they will be encrypted and stored securely).

    Will I be able to update my personal details later? How can I update them?

    You can update your address and phone number using the “My Account” section of the website.

    Is it important to keep my phone number up to date?

    Yes, it is very important to make sure the phone number registered with your account is up to date. If our Customer Service or courier need to contact you about your delivery (for example if they have been slightly delayed), they will call you on the number in your “My Account” details.

    How to Shop

    How do I shop using the online store?

    There are 5 several ways to find the products that you want to buy:

    • Browse the aisles by clicking on the departments e.g. Drinks. You can then filter down to a smaller category using the filters at the top of the page
    • Search for products using the search box.
    • Use the “Rest of shelf” link to take you to similar products.
    • Use your Favourites list - a handy tool which remembers everything you´ve previously bought online with us.
    • Use the Promotions list. This shows a list of products that are on promotion. You can filter this to a shorter list using the departments at the top of the page.

    How do I add products to my basket?

    You can add products from anywhere on the website using the add button.

    Products might be added by quantity or weight, and some products can be either.

    • Add by quantity – press “add” to put one in your basket, or you can add more than one quantity at a time by using the text box and pressing “add”.
    • Add by weight – press “add” to put 100g into your basket, or amend the weight you would like in the text box and press “add”.
    • Add by quantity or weight – select whether you would like to add by weight or quantity, then use the same instructions as above.

    How can I make my shopping trip quicker?

    Using Favourites is the fastest way to shop. Every time you buy a product online this is saved in your Favourites and will be there for the next time you shop, so you can find the things you regularly buy quickly and easily. You just must sign into your account, and go to the Favourites tab.

    Alternatively, you could try using the “Rest of shelf” links. These are located next to each of the products that you see when you have searched for something. They are also next to each product in your Favourites. Clicking this link will take you to the ‘shelf’ where you will see a small selection of similar products.

    What are my Favourites?

    Favourites is a handy tool which remembers all the items you have bought in any previous online shops. They will be there in the Favourites tab, so you can find the things you want to buy again quickly and easily the next time.

    Using Favourites is the fastest way to shop. Every time you buy a product online this is saved in your Favourites and will be there for the next time you shop, so you can find the things you regularly buy quickly and easily. You just have to login to your account, and go to the Favourites tab.

    Where can I see my Favourites?

    Once you´ve signed in, you will be able to see all your Favourites by going to the Favourites tab at the top of the screen.

    Why are there no products in my Favourites list?

    Your Favourites list will only contain products once you have completed your first order with us.

    Is it possible to remove items from my Favourites list?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible at present, but we’re working on our systems to enable you to do this in the future.

    How do I amend the products in my shopping trolley?

    Adjusting the items is easy using your shopping trolley. Click the ‘View full trolley’ button on the right of the screen at the bottom of your basket. This will display all the items you have in your basket and the quantity.

    Find the product you want to adjust and click the increase or decrease buttons to change the amount in your basket.

    You can also update the quantity or delete a product from your trolley directly in the shopping basket to the right of the screen throughout your shopping trip.

    Is it safe to shop online?

    Yes, it is very safe to shop online with us. All your details are stored securely including any payment card details you enter via the website. They are kept confidential and are held in full compliance with the Polish law.

    How is my shopping picked and packed?

    There are several people involved in your shopping trip, all of whom are dedicated to making sure you receive great service and great quality. Our expertly trained shoppers always pick from the back of the shelves to ensure you get the longest sell by dates. They also carefully select products as if they were shopping for themselves. They ask themselves the question "would I buy it?" and therefore do not send out anything that is not of the highest quality.

    When packing your produce our team are trained to careful packing, to avoid any squashing heavy items are placed at the bottom. Just like you would if you were shopping for yourself.

    What can I buy at the Tesco Twoja Paczka?

    What products are available in the Tesco Online store?

    You can choose from over 1,000 products, ranging from drinks, as well as health & beauty and home essentials. All your shopping will be carefully selected by our worker and delivered by courier.

    Why can´t I find a product that I usually buy in store?

    We aim to be able to deliver as many products as possible. There are a few reasons why some products may not be available:

    • Your store that you normally shop in may not be the same store that will deliver your groceries. The range of products may be slightly different.
    • Some products that we sell in store are unfortunately not suitable to deliver by courier.

    Is there any limit on how much I can buy?

    The limit on the number of products you can buy is visible when adding products to the basket, usually it is a maximum limit of 24 unites for each product. Tesco reserves the right to deliver less than this if there are exceptional circumstances.

    Returnable packaging with a deposit

    Returnable packaging with a deposit

    The price of goods in deposit bottles presented on the website does not include the deposit of 0.50 PLN per bottle. The deposit amount is added to the price of the goods in the returnable bottle. The customer can return this deposit bottle and get the deposit back in any Tesco store during opening hours. It is not possible to give this bottle back to the courier directly and it is also not possible to claim the coupon from deposit bottles through our Service.

    Prices for your Online Shopping

    Do you charge different prices online to the prices in store?

    No. The prices you will pay online are the same as in the store. This includes all promotions.

    How we set our Price?

    The prices that are visible on the website during your order creation are the prices you will pay during delivery.

    Minimum basket charge

    Minimum basket charge

    If the total value of the goods at the time of placing the order does not exceed the minimum basket charge, we will charge you additional fee.


    If the total value of the goods at the time of placing the order is higher than the minimum basket charge, you will not be charged the additional fee. The amount of the additional fee and the minimum basket charge are visible in the trolley summary on the right.

    E-coupons FAQs

    What is an e-coupon?

    An e-coupon is an electronic coupon code, which you can use to save money on your online order.

    E-coupon codes are made up of letters and numbers, i.e. ABC123.

    How do I use an e-coupon?

    • Log in to your Tesco account or register if you are new to Tesco
    • Add the products you want to buy to your Shopping trolley and check out your order
    • On the payment page, there is an e-coupons section. Enter your e-coupon code into the textbox and click on ‘Use Code’ button to add your e-coupon to your order
    • The e-coupon discount is automatically deducted from the total of your shopping before you pay.

    Why is my e-coupon not working?

    • Have you entered the e-coupon code correctly?Re-enter the code to check if you have made a typing error
    • Are the dates of the e-coupon valid?E-coupons have an expiry date, so please check whether your e-coupons are valid for your order. Your e-coupon must be valid on day of delivery to be applicable.
    • Was the e-coupon sent directly to you?Sometimes our e-coupons are restricted and can only be used by the person they are sent to
    • Have you used the e-coupon the maximum number of times?Some of our e-coupons can only be used once; others have no restrictions on use.
    • Is there a minimum spend?Some of our e-coupon codes can only be used when you spend a minimum amount.
    • Have you entered more than one e-coupon?Some e-coupons cannot be used in the same order as other e-coupons.
    • Are you trying to add your e-coupon to a different Tesco website?Our e-coupons can only be used on the grocery website of the country, where they are issued.

    Please note, e-coupons are subject to restrictions. See the Terms & Conditions of the e-coupon for more details.

    Payment and Checkout

    How can I pay for my shopping?

    You can normally choose to pay online. Unfortunately, we will not accept payment at the door by cash or card.

    What type of payment cards can I use to pay?

    You can use a debit or credit card to pay for your shopping. We accept the following payment providers:

    • Visa debit
    • Visa electron
    • Visa credit card
    • Master Card
    • Maestro

    Is it safe to pay online?

    Yes, it is very safe to shop online with us. All your details are stored securely, including all payment card details. They are held in compliance with Polish law and are kept confidential.

    What is a security code?

    We ask for the security number from your payment card to prevent the fraudulent use of your account. This is printed on your card but isn't in the magnetic strip or embossed so only the person who has the card knows the number.

    On most cards the security code is the three digits of the number printed on the signature strip.

    Can't read your security code?

    If you can't read your security code, please contact your bank.

    Will I get a receipt for my shopping?

    Once you have checked out, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, detailing all products, quantities and prices relating to your order.

    When will I be charged for my shopping?

    Your card will only be charged after your shopping has been delivered.

    Will I get Clubcard points for my shopping?

    Yes, you will get double Clubcard points for your online shopping. For example, if you spend 100 PLN, you get 100 Clubcard points instead of 50.

    Can I use coupons or Clubcard vouchers for my online shopping?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible at present, but we’re working on our systems, so we can accept them in the future.

    What happens if my payment fails?

    If the card payment fails when you place the order, you can use the other card.

    If you are not authorized to pay online on the day the order is processed, our customer service team will call you to let you know that there is a problem with your card. In this case, the order will not be processed, you will be able to place a new order.

    Do I have to give credit card details?

    If you´re paying online, we will ask you for your card details. They will be encrypted and stored securely.

    Booking a shopping delivery

    When can I get my shopping delivered?

    Your order will be shipped the next working day after you finalize your order and should be delivered within maximum 3 working days. Estimated date and time of delivery will be provided by courier and shared via email and/or SMS.

    How can I change my delivery date?

    After you receive estimated date and time of delivery you can reschedule the delivery date by following the instructions included in the email/SMS received from the courier.

    What are the delivery instructions I give used for?

    Any delivery instructions you enter for an order can help to direct or guide the courier to your house or flat. You can add a flat number, give the surname of the main resident, if their name is on the bell, or give directions if your address is tricky to find.

    Why is there a service charge for the delivery of my online shopping?

    Once you've placed your order online there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get your shopping to you. We have a team of people who work to make this service possible, our personal shoppers who hand pick every product and carefully pack your products in a cardboard box and courier who delivers the package to your house. All these elements and more make up our service charge.

    How much is the service charge?

    The amount of the delivery fee will be visible in the order summary.

    Cancelling or changing a delivery

    How can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel your order yourself up to 11pm on the day when you created your order. Just go to the “My Orders” tab and click the “Cancel order” button against the order that you want to cancel. If in an emergency you want to cancel your order after this time, please contact the Helpline and we’ll try our best to help.

    If I cancel an order will my payment card be charged?

    No, if you cancel an order using the My Orders section of the website, you won’t be charged for the order.

    What is the latest time I can cancel my order?

    The latest time you can cancel your order online is 11pm on the day when you created the order. After this time, please contact Customer Services and we’ll try our best to help.

    How can I add or remove products from an order before it is delivered?

    You can amend the products on your order at any time up to 11pm on the day when you created the order. Just go to the “My Orders” tab and click the “Amend order” button against the order that you want to update.
    You will be able to add or remove products in the normal way by browsing, searching, using your favourites or using the promotional lists.
    While you’re amending, you can cancel your amendments at any time by using the button in the top right hand corner of your screen.
    Once you’ve finished updating your order, confirm your amendments using the button in the shopping trolley. Even if you’ve entered payment details online, no payment will be taken until after you receive your delivery. And don’t worry, you won’t be charged twice.

    Receiving my shopping delivery

    Can someone else accept the order for me?

    Yes, someone else may accept your order if they are over the age of 18.

    How old do I need to be to receive a delivery?

    You need to be 18 to accept a delivery.

    What if a product I ordered wasn´t available?

    If a product you´ve ordered isn´t available in store, it will not be added to your shopping and you won´t be charged for that product.

    How do I know whether a product has been unavailable?

    Right after we pick and pack your order, we will send you an electronic delivery with details of all the products you've bought, including information about unavailable products.

    What happens if I miss my delivery?

    If you’ve missed your delivery, contact the courier and rearrange the delivery.

    What if I´m unhappy with the quality of the products in my shopping?

    If you are unhappy with any product, just take the product and your delivery documents to any Tesco hypermarket. At the Customer Services desk you can request a refund.

    Alternatively, you can return the products by sending them back to Tesco using below address: Tesco Twoja Paczka, Hypermarket Tesco Kapelanka, ul. Kapelanka 54, Krakow, 30347. You can find the return form here.

    What should I do if there is a product missing from my shopping?

    We’re very sorry if there are products missing from your shopping. Please contact the Helpline.

    How can I change my delivery address once I´ve placed the order?

    Once the order has been confirmed, you´re not able to change the delivery address. You would need to cancel your order and create a new one.

    Top tips

    Save time with Favourites

    Our handy ‘Favourites’ feature remembers all your previous online shops. Go to ‘Favourites’ to add products to your trolley so you don’t have to search through thousands of products.

    Finding the product, you searched for

    You can filter products by categories and then sort by relevance, price or alphabetically.

    If you don’t have time to complete your order...

    If you must leave your shopping half way through and don’t get time to finish and checkout, the products that you have already added to your trolley will be there the next time you sign in to your account, meaning you can pick up your shopping where you left off.

    Get non-food delivered with your groceries

    In addition to food, drink, you can also order non-food products, such as cosmetics or household products to be delivered with your groceries to save you time.

    Shop in Polish or in English

    You can do you online shopping in Polish or in English. Just select the language you want in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can change the language at any time during your shop and change it back again later if you’d like.


    Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

    Terms and Conditions

    To read the Terms and Conditions, go to Terms and Conditions.