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    Our Online shopping app makes your shopping easier


    Do your shopping from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. With our Online shopping app you can refill your refrigerator easily and quickly!
    Repeat your previous order and shop your favourite products with a single click while you are enjoying your coffee. You can also scan barcodes of items you want to add to the basket and we will bring the purchase up to your doorstep.


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    Discover all the benefits of the app. It’s simple, fast and secure.

    Barcode reader

    Buy previous order by one click

    Complete list of promotion offers

    New and modern design of app

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    What does our customers say?

    "Perfect app for comfortable shopping! I really appreciate that I can buy my previous order just by one click. It’s simple and fast. I save time and also money, because I see all promotion offers here."

    Jacek (Krakow)

    "I didn’t believe that shopping with the app will be easier than through desktop. But it’s even more comfortable and I mainly use scanning of the groceries often. Now I can say it’s the most useful app in my mobile phone."

    Marta (Katowice)

    "I like the new design of the app. It’s simple and well arranged. And the best for me is that I can shop in the train while traveling to work and I also get used to delivery to home. Thanks for that!"

    Karolina (Warsaw)

    Download Tesco Online shopping app now

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    Windows Mobile app is no longer supported

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    How to shop with Tesco Online shopping app?


    At first you need to download the app in the online store. If you want to make a purchase, you need to register. The form is at the top right corner of the screen in settings. Then push “Groceries” button on Main Screen and you can browse our products well arranged in several categories. Our system allows you to add the requested product into the basket when you push it with long press. The basket is visible on the bottom of the page. If you want to see the whole content of your basket just pull the icon up with your finger. Then you can select a delivery method and book a time slot for the delivery. Select a payment type and after confirmation of payment you can save delivery time into your calendar.

    Do I log in with the same data like in desktop version?


    Yes, you do. All you need for the login is your e-mail address and a password. But if you want to order goods delivery with us you will need to register. So it’s required to enter the address where you want the shopping to be delivered, the address nickname, the phone number, your full name and you can also add your Clubcard number.

    Can I find all products from the website in the app as well?


    Yes, it depends only on your preferences if you browse our offer at the website or in our mobile app. You should have no worries because you can really find the same products there and shop them with just a few clicks. Choose from more than 18 000 products and enjoy your shopping.

    How does the barcode scanner work?


    On the top left corner of the screen you can find your barcode scanner. It’s automatically integrated in your app and you don’t have to download it. You have two possibilities how to use it. You can scan EAN code on product and easily add it into your basket or view product details. For example, just point the scanner at the barcode of the milk in your fridge and we will deliver it up to your doorstep soon.

    Are prices in the mobile app the same as in-store prices?


    Yes, you shop with the mobile app at the same prices as in the store or at the website. You pay for the prices which are actual on the day of delivery. In the app you also have a complete list of actual promotion offers so you won’t miss any discount anymore.

    Is there any minimum value of the purchase?


    No, we don’t limit your online shopping with any minimal value, so you can buy one item as well as a huge family purchase full of your favourite products. Just please take into account the payment for the delivery to your home which depends on the distance. The service charge for any delivery slot is shown in the “Book a slot” section. You can check it before you start shopping.

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