We’re happy to announce that the hardest part is over and we’re progressively getting back to our best of Tesco Online delivery from before the outbreak. In this spirit we’re lifting as many restrictions as possible while still maintaining the highest standards of safety for our customers and colleagues alike. Thank you for sticking out with us and enjoy our service back at full force.

    Delivery right to your doorstep again

    Delivery right to your doorstep again

    Tesco Online shopping always tries to adhere to the highest standard of what it can do for it’s customers. That’s why we’re glad that we can bring you back the comfort of delivery right to your doorstep.


    Pay at door again

    Pay at door again

    Though you can still pay for your order online we’re back with payment at door to give you back the convenience of the online shopping you were used to.

    Restrictions still in place


    By now our service almost got to the point before the outbreak, but we've decided to keep some of the restrictions for a while longer just to be sure we’re all safe and our service is available to as many people as possible. Also, we are still adhering to the highest standards of safety by wearing masks and protecting gloves during the delivery, using antibacterial facilities for disinfecting both the hands and payment terminals and keeping social distancing.



    Maximum order size limits


    To help us offer our Service to as many customers as possible, orders may be limited to a maximum delivery size of 80 kg per order to prevent bulk-purchasing. The limit should not prevent customers from placing orders which are the equivalent to a large family shop. If you do reach our maximum limit you will be informed by a message on the website, whilst creating your order.



    Please ensure your phone number is up to date in your Tesco account


    To support the reduction in personal contact, our driver will still contact you via phone prior to delivery to agree where to leave your Shopping though now they can also deliver it right to your doorstep like they used to before the outbreak. They will also agree on any substitute items you may not wish to accept.



    Delivery of all orders in bags only


    To protect you and our drivers, we recommend that you choose to have your order delivered in bags.
    In this way we can eliminate personal contact with the goods.

    Important information for customers in personal quarantine

    In order to prevent the return of the spread of infection it’s important that you closely follow the measures in handing over your purchased goods. We want to deliver your order as safely as possible. To succeed and to protect your health and the health of our couriers, we request you to follow a few simple steps.
    • Let us know if you are in personal quarantine, in a note with the order form.
    • If possible, pay online in advance. It’s possible to pay at door again but we recommend to our customers in quarantine to still pay online if that’s an option for them.
    • The courier will call you and agree on the method and place of delivery of the ordered goods. We would like to ensure you that your purchase will still be delivered in a safe way.
    • Please select paper bags for delivery, so we can protect you and our driver as well.

    We hope you find this information helpful. We will do our best to
    make sure online shopping runs smoothly.

    Any questions? We are here for you

    Call us for free on our Customer line,
    - Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00