Due to the current situation, we want to make sure that the necessary products will be available to our customers and that we can safely deliver them. In an interest of avoiding the spread of Corona virus by the guidelines of the Ministry of Health we decided to proceed with certain limitations and change Tesco Online shopping rules during next weeks.



    Helpline availability

    We are constantly working on increasing the availability of the Tesco Online shopping helpline by employing new employees. The situation should improve in a few days, so please be patient. In the context of frequently asked questions, we encourage you to read the information available on our website https://ezakupy.tesco.pl/ under the banner Tesco Online shopping current information or contact us via a private message on Facebook.



    Limited range


    In order to provide access to the necessary products, we have limited the number of items that customers can order in certain categories. You can find information about the restriction next to the product.
    We will do our best to maintain the full range in our stores, but some products may be in a limited number or unavailable due to factors that we have no influence on. Please place rational orders.



    Maximum order size limits

    In order to be able to offer our services to as many customers as possible and to prevent wholesale purchases, any new orders placed or changed from March 30 will be limited to a maximum weight of 80 kg per order. If you reach the maximum limit, you will be notified when placing your order. This limit should be enough to cover the average basket for the whole family.


    Delivery Time Reservation


    We are constantly working to increase the availability of home delivery times and personal collection. Every day we update the number of available delivery times and increase them to the extent that our resources needed to fulfill orders allow us. Because in the current situation interest in the service is greater than usual, despite increasing, the number of available delivery times may be limited, so it is a good idea to reserve delivery in advance. In this case, you can reserve your order three weeks in advance and modify it by 23:00 before the delivery date.





    We try to fulfill all orders placed in accordance with the reserved dates, in the event of any problems with the implementation of the order we contact by phone or inform customers via sms.



    Delivery service


    We try to make deliveries without contact to minimize the risk to customers and suppliers. Our suppliers, as soon as they arrive at the customer's address, try to contact by phone to provide information about the delivery, provide replacements and the value of the order. At this stage, you can decide not to accept the replacement and the supplier will remove it from the purchase and deduct it from the value of the order. Then the supplier will deliver the shopping to the door of the house or apartment.



    Online payment only


    For the safety of our customers and suppliers, we only accept online payments. They are completely secure and the money will not be taken from the account until the order has been delivered. For online payments, we will verify the card, during which an authorization blockage of PLN 10 will occur, which will be released after the order is finalized.


    When completing the order, the following data should be provided from the card: Surname and Name, card number, expiry date and security code.


    If you have problems with online payment, please use the browser incognito mode or try using an alternative web browser. If the online payment continues to cause problems, please contact the bank that issued the card and ensure that online payment with this card is possible.

    We will try to handle orders placed before March 14 with card payment at the door without any changes, but please use the BLIK option at the payment terminal when making payments at the door, thanks to which we will minimize contact with our supplier.



    Replacement Goods


    We would really like to deliver all the goods as ordered, but in some cases, a specific product might not currently be in the stock, so we will deliver its alternative. Our drivers have an important role to play in food delivery, so in this exceptional situation, to eliminate personal contact, you will not be able to return the goods directly to the driver. If you do not wish to keep a replacement product, you can return it to the nearest Tesco Store and we refund your money.



    Delivery of all Orders in Bags Only


    To protect you and our suppliers, we recommend choosing the option to pack your purchases in bags.
    Thanks to this, we will limit direct contact with your products before delivery.

    Important information
    for customers in quarantine

    According to the government"s recommendations on limiting the spread of Corona virus, our suppliers will not enter your apartment. We want to deliver your order as safely as possible. To do this and to protect the health of our suppliers and customers at all costs, please follow the instructions below:
    • If you have been quarantined, please let us know in the "Instructions for the supplier" field when ordering online. When editing the order, the "Instructions for the supplier" field is inactive and in this case contact the helpline or via a private message on Facebook.
    • Make online payments. Currently, we exceptionally do not accept payment on delivery. We will try to handle orders placed before March 14 with card payment at the door without any changes, but please use the BLIK option on the payment terminal to minimize contact with our supplier.
    • The supplier will contact you by phone to determine the method and place of placing the order. We want to make sure that your purchases are delivered safely.
    • Choose the option of packing your bags into bags to protect yourself and our suppliers.

    We hope the above information is helpful. We do our best to ensure the best and safe
    Tesco Online shopping operation.

    Any questions? We are here for you

    Call us for free on our Customer line,
    - Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 22:00
    - Sundays from 7:00 to 22:00
    On non-commercial Sundays - close