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    We keep your purchase in ideal temperature during preparation

    You can shop for
    the same prices
    as in store

    You can return to us
    whatever you don‘t
    want to overtake

    Save with more than
    1000 promotions
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    How do we calculate approximate price?

    Final price of your purchase depends on wighted items as fruit or vegies.

    Final price of your purchase depends on wighted items as fruit or vegies.

    For weighted fruits like bananas, apples is hard to pick 1kg so final price will be calculated based on real weight. We charge you a bit more and you will get back.

    What our customers are saying

    “It was really easy and I got everything I needed”

    Eva (Cracow)

    “I'm glad I do not have to carry heavy things by myself!”

    George (Katowice)

    “When you have a lot of people at home, you want to shop. That's why I'm only shopping online and without any worries.”

    Maria (Wroclaw)


    About Tesco E-zakupy

    What is Tesco E-zakupy?

    Tesco E-zakupy is the exciting new service from Tesco. This service allows you to order a wide range of products from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered directly to your door at a time to suit you. We offer you low prices like in store on the day of delivery and many promotions so that the major benefits of shopping in Tesco are available to everyone with an access to the Internet. Got a Clubcard? Earn points on-line in Tesco E-zakupy!

    How is my shopping picked, packed and delivered to keep everything fresh?

    There are a number of people involved in your shopping trip, all of whom are dedicated to making sure you receive great service and great quality. Our expertly trained shoppers always pick products which are freshest and have the longest sell by dates. They also carefully select the best ones as if they were shopping for themselves. They ask themselves the question "would I buy it?" and therefore don’t send out anything that is not of the highest quality. When packing your products our team are trained to separate food from non food, chilled from frozen and heavy items at the bottom to avoid any squashing. Just like you would if you were shopping for yourself. We also store all products in climate controlled areas – including in our vans. This ensures that your shopping is delivered in top condition and arrives at the correct temperature. If you no longer need plastic bags you received your shopping previously, give the bags back to us. We will sent them to recycling company.

    Where do we deliver?

    Our online shopping service is currently available in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan, Gliwice, Bielsko-Biala, Krakow, Katowice, Ruda-Slaska, Gdynia, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz. To check whether we deliver in your area, go to our checker to find out where we deliver.

    Will I get Clubcard points for my shopping?

    Yes, you will get Clubcard points for your ordering groceries online in the same way as you would in store, also extra Clubcard points. To collect your points enter your Clubcard number during registration. The points will be collected on every shopping trips, with no need to enter the number each time. You can add or change Clubcard number in My Account section.

    How to order groceries

    Do I need to register and why?

    You don’t have to register if you’re just browsing our website, but if you want to shop with us you will need to register. It’s very important to register with us to make sure we deliver to your area. It also allows us to show you the right products and delivery information.

    How do I find products?

    There are 4 ways to find the products that you want to buy:

    - Browse the aisles by clicking on the departments e.g. Vegetables & Fruits. You can then filter down to a smaller category using the filters at the top of the page.

    - Search for products using the search box (the list will be alphabetically sorted).

    - Use your Favourites list - a handy tool which remembers everything you´ve previously bought online with us.

    - Use the Promotions list. This shows a list of products that are on promotion. You can filter this to a shorter list using the departments at the top of the page.

    How do I add and amend products in my shopping trolley?

    You can add products from anywhere on the website using the add button. Depending on the type of product you can add it to your trolley by quantity or weight, and some products can be added by either.

    - Add by quantity – press add to put one in your basket, or you can add more than one quantity at a time by using the box and pressing add

    - Add by weight – press add to put 100g into your basket, or amend the weight you would like in the box and press add

    - Add by quantity or weight – select whether you would like to add by weight or quantity. If you’ve selected weight, the average weight of one of the product will be displayed in the box.

    What are next steps after putting products in my shopping trolley?

    Once you have completed ordering your shopping and have all the items you want to purchase in your trolley, you will need to select a delivery slot (if you haven’t already reserved one earlier in your shipping trip), and then complete the three checkout steps to confirm your order and select your payment details.

    Registration and my account

    How do I know whether Tesco Grocery Home Shopping will deliver to my address?

    To check whether we deliver to you, go to our Check My Area page and enter your postcode.

    What personal details will I need to enter in order to register for Tesco Online Shopping? Are they safe?

    To register you will need to enter your:

    - Email address and password

    - Address where you want your shopping to be delivered

    - Address nickname (this is for your reference, e.g. “home”) - Phone number

    - Full name

    - Clubcard number (this is optional – you can enter this information if you want to receive Clubcard points for your shopping)

    We keep all of your personal information stored safely and securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

    Do I have to give payment card details to register?

    No, you don’t have to give any payment details when you register. If you choose to pay online, we’ll ask you for your card details just before you confirm your order (they will be encrypted and stored securely). Alternatively you can pay by card at your door and you won’t have to give us any payment card details.

    What is My Account?

    My Account is the section on our website where you can check all the details that you have given us about your online E-zakupy account. You can update your address, phone number, Clubcad number, marketing information preference using this section of the website. To update any other details please call Customer Services.

    What should I do if I forget my password?

    If you forget your password, you can reset it by using the ‘forgot your password’ link on the sign in page. Follow the link and enter your email address, and we will send you an email with a link to reset it. Then, simply enter a new password and confirm it to complete the reset.

    Booking a delivery

    When can I get my shopping delivered?

    There are delivery slots available in 2-hour delivery windows. These are available from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Each delivery slot has a maximum capacity, so place you order well in advance to guarantee the slot you want. You can order your shopping up to 3 weeks in advance. In the case of selected areas, delivery days and hours in selected regions can be limited. The available delivery days and hours can be viewed in „Book a slot” section. The information about such limitations will be placed on the Website.

    How do I choose the date of my delivery and the time slot?

    Once you have logged in, click the “Book a slot” button to see the available delivery slots. It can best to book your slot at the start of ordering your shopping however please be aware that it will only be reserved for 2 hours (or less at night) once you have selected it. Alternatively you can book your slot just before you checkout once you have completed your shopping.

    What are the delivery instructions I give used for?

    Any delivery instructions you enter for an order can help to direct or guide the Customer Delivery Assistant to your house or flat. For example you can give the surname of the main resident, if their name is on the bell, or give directions if your address is tricky to find.

    How much is the service charge?

    The service charge depends on delivery time and city. Currently Click & Collect „Zamów i odbierz” service charge is 0 zł. The service charge for any delivery slot is shown in “Book a slot” section. You can check it after registering, by clicking “book a slot” button.

    How much is the bag charge?

    Before you confirm your order, you can choose whether you wish to have your online purchases delivered in shopping bags or with no bags. If you opt for delivery in bags, you will be charged a unit fee of 1,50 zł per purchase, and this fee is the same irrespective of the number of bags in your purchase. If you opt for delivery without bags, your online purchase will come to you in our crates and you will have enough time to take your purchase. For hygienic reasons, items such as fresh meat, fish and cleaners will continue to be delivered in bags at no charge. You can change your mind about whether you want your purchase delivered with or without bags until 11:00 PM on the day prior to delivery.

    How to get VAT invoice?

    The Customer Delivery Assistants delivers the Goods together with the Offer, fiscal till receipt a specimen of the from of withdrawing from a contract of sale and an excerpt of T&C. If the you want to receive a VAT invoice, insert the data necessary to VAT invoice issuing, ie company name, NIP number, company address into the field “Leave instructions and/or order an invoice” in “Book a slot” section on the website. In the case of Goods being returned you should ask for the VAT invoice correction in the Customer Service Desk in a store, which address is shown on the invoice. We can issue a partial invoice.


    How can I pay for my shopping?

    You can normally choose either to pay online or, to pay at the door by card. In both cases you will not be charged for your shopping until after it has been delivered to you. Unfortunately we will not accept the cash as payment for your shopping. This is because our Customer Delivery Assistants cannot carry cash with them due to safety reasons. At the moment, due to technical reasons, we do not accept Clubcard vouchers and coupons and gift and catering cards (e.g. Sodexho).

    What is the process for payment online?

    To pay online you will need to select that option during the online checkout process. You will be asked to enter your payment card details in the online form. We will do a simple card check to validate the details and then we will confirm your orders. You will not be charged for your shopping at this time. Your card will only be charged after your shopping has been delivered.

    What type of payment cards can I use to pay?

    You can use a debit or credit card to pay for your shopping. We accept the following payment providers, issued by banks in Poland, UK or Czech Republic:

    - Visa debit

    - Visa electron

    - Visa credit card

    - Master Card

    - Maestro

    Tesco prepaid Gift cards are also accepted.

    Is it safe to pay online?

    Yes, it is very safe to shop online with us. All of your details are stored securely, including all payment card details. They are held in compliance with the law and are kept confidential.

    What is a security code?

    We ask for the security number from your payment card to prevent the fraudulent use of your account. This is printed on your card but isn't in the magnetic strip or embossed so only the person who has the card knows the number. On most cards the security code is the last three digits of the number printed on the signature strip. If you are having trouble reading your security code, please contact your bank.

    What happens if my payment fails?

    If you enter payment card details online, we will not charge your card at that point. However we will make a check to verify the card. If this fails you will be notified of this on the website. You can try again, or with a different card, or change the payment method to paying by card at door. If you have any difficulties please call our customer services team who will be happy to help you. Just before your delivery we'll check your card to make sure the full order value is there. If it isn’t we’ll contact you to ask you whether you’d like to switch to pay at your door, or whether you’d like to cancel your order. Your payment card will only be debited by the full amount after your shopping is delivered. For card payment at door: You can give the Customer Delivery Assistant an alternative payment card. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept cash. If none of your payment cards work, or if in the rare scenario that there are any connection difficulties with the payment system at your door, we will have to take the shopping back to the store. You will not be charged if this happens.

    Can I use coupons or Clubcard vouchers for my online shopping?

    Unfortunately it’s not possible at present to use Clubcard vouchers on our website, but we’re working on our systems so we can accept them in the future.

    Cancelling or changing a delivery

    How can I cancel or change my order?

    You can cancel your order yourself up to 11pm on the evening before your shopping is due. Just go to the “My Orders” tab and click the “Cancel order” button against the order that you want to cancel. If in an emergency you want to cancel your order after this time, please contact Customer Services on the number above and we’ll try our best to help. You can amend the products on your order at any time up to 11pm on the day before your order is due to be delivered. Just go to the “My Orders” tab and click the “Amend order” button against the order that you want to update. You will be able to add or remove products in the normal way by browsing, searching, using your favourites or using the promotional lists. You can only amend products, not delivery slot nor payment method. While you’re amending, you can cancel your amendments at any time by using the button in the top right hand corner of your screen. Once you’ve finished updating your order, confirm your amendments using the button in the shopping trolley. Even if you’ve entered payment details online, no payment will be taken until after you receive your delivery. And don’t worry, you definitely won’t be charged twice.

    If I cancel an order will my payment card be charged?

    No, if you cancel an order using the My Orders section of the website, you won’t be charged for the order.

    Receiving my shopping

    I’ve forgotten when my shopping is arriving, how do I check my delivery time?

    You can check what delivery slot you selected for your shopping by going to you ‘My Orders’ page on the website. Just sign in and go to the ‘My Orders’ tab. The confirmation email you received when you checked out will also tell you what time you booked for your shopping to arrive.

    How old do I need to be to receive a delivery?

    You need to be 18 years old to accept a delivery. If you´re paying by card at your door, the cardholder must be present.

    If I live in a flat, will the Customer Delivery Assistant deliver to my flat door?

    Our Customer Delivery Assistant will deliver to your flat/house door.

    What happens if I miss my delivery? What should I do?

    If you’ve missed your delivery, check your mailbox for a calling card from the Customer Delivery Assistant. You can also call Customer Services. They can try to reroute the Customer Delivery Assistant to you again if he has not yet come back to the store. If the van is back in the store your order is cancelled, so you have to do the shopping once again.

    What if a product I ordered wasn´t available?

    If a product you´ve ordered isn´t available in store, you’ll be provided, if possible, with an alternative product, which you can choose to accept or reject when your shopping is delivered. Your delivery note will list any substitutions at the top of the page. If you don’t want the substitute, just hand it back to the Customer Delivery Assistant and you won´t be charged for the product. Alternatively if your personal shopping assistant couldn´t find a suitable alternative to the product you ordered, it will not be added to your shopping and you won´t be charged for that product

    What if the delivery is going to be late?

    We’ll try our best to contact you if our Customer Delivery Assistant is running late. However, if you haven’t heard from us, please contact our Customer Services team.

    What if I want to return a product?

    The Orderer may, within 14 days from the Order Completion Date, withdraw from the contract of sale without providing a reason. The deadline shall be met if the statement on withdrawal is sent prior to the deadline expiry date. In order to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, the Orderer should make the statement on withdrawal. The Orderer may use a form of statement on withdrawal provided to them by the Supplier each time together with the Goods or, in the event of collection, by an employee of the Location; this however is not obligatory. The means of withdrawal recommended by the Seller is to send the filled-in form via e-mail to the following address: ezakupy@tesco.pl, or by mail to the address of the Location which Completed the Order (the address of the relevant Location is printed on the fiscal receipt). The Orderer should attach a proof of purchase of Goods to the statement referred above or otherwise confirm the purchase of Goods. The right to withdraw from the contract of sale does not apply with respect to the following Goods: products that go off quickly or have a short expiry date, delivered in sealed packaging, which – if the packaging is opened – may not be returned for health or hygienic reasons; sound or visual recordings as well as computer software delivered in sealed packaging, if such packaging was opened by the Orderer; press, including journals and magazines. The Orderer is obliged to return the Goods covered with the statement on withdrawal immediately, however not later than 14 days from the day of withdrawal. The recommended means of exercising the right to withdraw from the contract, in order to handle the case as promptly as possible, is to return the Goods in person to the Location which Completed the Order (the address of the relevant Location is printed on the fiscal receipt) before the lapse of this time limit. The Goods may also be sent back before the time limit is exceeded. The Goods are returned at the cost of the Orderer. If due to the nature of the Goods (e.g. weight, size) the Goods can not be sent back via regular way, the Seller will collect the Goods from the Orderer at its cost. The Seller shall promptly, but not later than within 14 days from receiving from the Orderer of the statement on withdrawal from the contract, in whole or in part, return to the Orderer the amount of payment for the returned Goods. If the Orderer withdraws from the contract if whole, the Seller shall return to the Orderer also the amount of Order Completion Cost. The Seller may withhold the return of the payment, until the Orderer returns the Goods being the subject of the withdrawal from the contract, or provides the Seller with a confirmation of returning the Goods in question, depending on which of the events (return or confirmation) is performed first.The payment shall be returned via the same method which was used for making the payment by the Orderer. Before withdrawal from the contract, the Orderer should not use the Goods more than necessary to find the nature, features and functioning of the Goods. Otherwise the Orderer will be responsible for reducing the value of the Goods. If the Orderer gave the number of their CLUBCARD (during the registration or later on via the Helpline), a relevant number of CLUBCARD points, corresponding to the number of points granted to the Orderer for the purchase of the returned Goods, shall be deducted from their CLUBCARD account in connection with the return of the Goods. The right to withdraw from the contract of sale does not exclude the Orderer's rights arising from the Seller's liability due to inconsistency of Goods with the contract of sale or from the manufacturer's guarantee. The right to withdraw from the contract is not available to the Orderer who concluded the contract as a business entity. Customers can use the following form of withdrawing from a contract of sale.

    What if I´m unhappy with the quality of the products in my shopping?

    The Orderer, prior to collection of Goods, may inspect them in the Supplier's presence. The Seller recommends that the Orderer should not collect damaged Goods. If the Goods are found inconsistent with the contract of purchase, after handing them over, the Orderer has the right to lodge a complaint in any Location. The Orderer should deliver Goods together with the proof of purchase to the Location so that the complaint can be considered.In the event of food products, a complaint about their inconsistency with the contract of sale may be considered by the Seller if it was lodged immediately after finding the Goods inconsistent with the contract of sale, however not later than 3 days after the Order Completion.The complaint shall be considered within 14 days of lodging it by the Orderer. The Orderer shall be informed by mail, email or by phone whether their complaint has been acknowledged or rejected.In the event that the complaint has been acknowledged, the Orderer, after receiving information about the acknowledgement, shall receive a refund immediately after reporting in the Location. In the event of Goods covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, the warranty document is delivered with the Goods, and should be confirmed in the Location. Customers can use the following form of withdrawing from a contract of sale.

    What should I do if there is a product missing from my shopping?

    If there are products missing from your shopping. Please contact Customer Services on the number above.

    Prices for your Online Shopping

    Do you charge different prices online to the prices in store?

    The prices you will pay online are the same as in the store on the day of delivery. This includes promotional prices. For the initial period, multi-buy promotions (e.g. 2 w cenie 1) are not highlighted on the website, but you’ll get the discount when your payment card is charged. The prices that are displayed on the website are the ones we have available each day in the store the delivery is done from.

    Guide Price

    What is Guide Price?

    The prices you will pay online are the same as in the store on the day of delivery. This includes promotional prices. For the initial period, multi-buy promotions (e.g. 2 w cenie 1) are not highlighted on the website, but you’ll get the discount when your payment card is charged. The prices that are displayed on the website are the ones we have available each day in the store the delivery is done from. The prices that are displayed on the website are the ones we have available each day in the store the delivery is done from. The prices of some products shown on the website during your shop are only approximate. At the time of delivery the price of certain products may differ from the price quoted on the Tesco E-zakupy website. This could be because:

    - Your Personal Shopper may weigh products like fruit and vegetables or pick pre-packed weighed products like meat, poultry and cheese. This means the price will vary slightly in store from what is shown on the website.

    - Sometimes the products ordered are not available. When this happens we will always try to offer you a substitute product. We will try to substitute it for something as similar to the original product you ordered, and of a similar price.

    - The prices of some products and promotional prices may vary in store and in Tesco E-zakupy service between the time when you place your order and when it is delivered.

    - There may be a difference in price of certain products after logging in. This results from possible difference in price of some products in stores the deliveries are dome from.

    If you receive a product that you don’t want to keep because it is priced differently to when you ordered your delivery on the website, you don’t have to accept it. You can return any product to the Customer Delivery Assistant and your payment card will not be charged for the cost of the unwanted products. For more information see Terms and Conditions.

    What can I order at Tesco E-zakupy?

    What products are available in the Tesco E-zakupy?

    Not all products from promotional leaflets or catalogues are available online. This is due to technical constraints or operational issues. We recommend checking current promotions in Promotion tab at the top of the website.

    Are all products from promotional leaflets or catalogues available online?

    You can choose from thousands of products, ranging from fresh foods, frozen products and drinks, as well as health & beauty and home essentials. There may be a difference in range of certain categories after logging in. This results from possible difference in range of some categories in stores the deliveries are dome from.

    Is there any limit on how much I can buy?

    There is a maximum limit of 24 of each product. There can be other quantity or weight, if set by the Seller for specific product or product group. There may be a difference in range of certain categories after logging in. This results from possible difference in range of some categories in stores the deliveries are dome from.

    Click & Collect „Zamów i odbierz”

    What is Click & Collect „Zamów i odbierz”?

    There are currently two different types of collection; in some stores your shopping will be kept at the Customer Service Desk for collection. In other stores you should follow signs to an area of the car park where your shopping will be brought out to you. Collection areas will always be clearly marked from the car park with signs for 'Zamów i odbierz' (Click & Collect). The collection store address will be included in the order confirmation email.

    How to select Click & Collect?

    You will see the Click & Collect option on the website when you book your slot, if this service is available in your local store. You can choose from either Home Delivery or Click & Collect slots.

    When can I collect my shopping?

    You will have to choose a 2-hour collection slot on the website when you choose the Click & Collect service. You do need to make sure you arrive during this 2-hour slot, if the goods are not collected during this 2-hour slot then your order will have to be cancelled.

    How can I use Click & Collect if my local dotcom store does not offer the service?

    If your address is outside our catchment, choose any address in your city that is in our catchment. To collect shopping from store when booking delivery slot choose „Zamów i odbierz” option.

    Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

    If you have bough frozen products we recommend adding a bag for frozen to your basket

    What do I have to bring with me for my collection?

    To collect your shopping you should bring your order number (available in confirmation e-mail or from „My Account”), credit card or photo ID if on-line payment was selected. Only adults (18+) are entitled to collect shopping.


    What is an eCoupon?

    An eCoupon is an electronic coupon code, which you can use to save money on your grocery order. eCoupon codes are made up of letters and numbers, i.e. ABC123.

    How do I use an eCoupon?

    To use eCoupon log in to your Tesco account or register if you are new to Tesco. Add the products you want to buy to your shopping trolley and check out your order. On the summary page, there is an eCoupons section. Enter your eCoupon code into the textbox and click on ‘Use Code’ button to add your eCoupon to your order. The eCoupon discount is automatically deducted from the total of your shopping before you pay if the conditions are met.

    Why is my eCoupon not working?

    When typing eCoupoon check the below:

    - Have you entered the eCoupon code correctly?

    - Is there a minimum spend? Some of our eCoupon codes can only be used when you spend a minimum amount.

    - Are the dates of the eCoupon valid? Your eCoupon must be valid on day of ordering and delivery.

    - Have you used the eCoupon the maximum number of times? Some of our eCoupons can only be used once; others have no restrictions on use.

    - Was the eCoupon sent directly to you? Sometimes our eCoupons are restricted and can only be used by the person they are sent to.

    - Have you entered more than one eCoupon? Some eCoupons cannot be used in the same order as other eCoupons.

    - Please be aware that service charge is not included in spend amount for eCoupons.

    Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

    To read the Terms and Conditions for using our Grocery home shopping service, go to Terms and Conditions.

    To read our Privacy Policy got to Privacy Policy.

    Any questions? We are here for you

    Call us for free on our Customer line,
    - Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00

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